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Payment Options

What payment methods can I use in my purchases?
Currently, PayPal Brasil offers the following payment methods so that you can make your purchases online:

1. Credit Card
We work with the main credit card brands:

National and international payments:
– Visa
– MasterCard
– American Express

National payments only:
– Hyper
– Hi card

* For payments with national cards, the purchase must be in Reais and the seller must be national.
* It is possible to make purchases in Reais with an international seller as long as the card is enabled for such a function.

2. Debit Card
We work with bank debit cards:

– Bradesco
– Bank of Brazil

* The card must have only the debit function to be accepted in the system. If you have the debit and credit function, it will not be accepted.

3. Balance of PayPal
You can also purchase a product using the balance available in your PayPal account. To purchase a balance, you must sell products or services to other PayPal users or pay a premium charge directly through the PayPal account.

Important: The balance recharge slip is only available for personal accounts. Legal accounts do not yet have this function. The balance will be available in reais and can only be used for domestic purchases.

4. Payment with Bank Account
The option to pay directly from your Santander bank account (only for purchases in Reais).

5. Prepaid Card
You can also purchase a prepaid card of your choice and add it to your PayPal account.

Another option is the prepaid virtual prepaid Brazil prepaid card in partnership with PayPal that allows anyone to make international purchases in an easy and fast way. To purchase your virtual card, just go to

With this card you can make international payments by recharging a bank slip, national or international credit card, or the balance in Reais available in your PayPal account. If you choose to pay for the prepaid card with the balance your PayPal account, you will be able to use it as soon as you receive payment confirmation.